CarboMet - Metrology of Carbohydrates for Enabling European BioIndustries

Metrology of Carbohydrates for Enabling European BioIndustries


Carbohydrates constitute the largest source of biomass on Earth and their exploitation will be crucial if we are to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and create a Circular Economy. However, to understand and ultimately exploit carbohydrates, a carbohydrate metrology and measurements ‘toolbox’ is essential for new research and innovation practices in glycoscience.

CarboMet will facilitate engagement between key players and stakeholders of the glycoscience community across Europe to identify the current state of the art and in particular future innovation and technological challenges in carbohydrate metrology. LEARN MORE

We require input from the wider scientific community for the next glycoscience roadmap to be published next year. This is an opportunity to contribute ideas and solutions to some of the greatest challenges in the four bioindustry sectors. The online consultation will be open between 21st November 2019 and close 31st January 2020.


Groups within the CSA will work in parallel on 3 Enabling Technology Areas:


In addition, 4 BioIndustry Sectors have been identified as of immediate interest for CarboMet where the exploitation of carbohydrates will have huge impact:

Latest Policy and Briefing Papers

Our latest policy and briefing papers are now available to download.

For policy makers and non-technical audience:

Carbohydrate based vaccine to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Glycomics in diagnostics and precision medicine

Gut microbiome and its influence on health

Future of carbohydrates in sustainable materials

Detailed technical reports for industry professionals and academics can be downloaded from the resource section.

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